Verner Panton

Verner Panton is one of Denmark’s most influential interior and furniture designers.  His focus was mainly on making designs in a funky and futuristic manner.  He did this by using materials that were highly unconventional in his designs, mainly plastic, and by combining this with exotic and vibrant colours.  In this, he moved away from the standard minimalist designs, where the use of colours is avoided.  He was seen as the hippie of furniture design and lost a lot of popularity after the 60s.  However, he is now becoming more popular once again, and there is a lot of Panton designer inspired furniture available on the market today.

Panton’s Professional Life

Panton started his career as an architect, working together with Arne Jacobson, another architect famous for his designer furniture.  However, Panton seemed to be a terrible student and did not want to listen to those above him.  Hence, he quickly started his own office and shot to fame.  Some of his most famous works include the Plastic House, the Collapsible House and the Cardboard House.

As his career progressed, he became increasingly unconventional.  Some of designer chairs had no legs and it was unclear whether or not they had a back.  He was the first to create an injection moulded plastic chair in single form.  This is now known as the S Chair and is one of the most popular designer inspired chairs available.
He then continued on to make designs that focused on the entire interior.  These designs were psychedelic, filled with wall upholstering, curved designer furniture, fascinating lighting and a range of different textiles.  He once designed the interior of German boat, which is now a museum.  He was also responsible for a European hotel, where cylindrical furniture was used and circular patterns.

Panton’s Works

Some of the most famous designer furniture made by Panton, which is now the subject of much designer inspired furniture, include the Peacock, the Cone Chair, the S Chair and the Panton Chair.

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