Whether you’re sitting down to a meal with the family, resting your coffee cup between sips or showcasing a beautiful vase of flowers, there’s one piece of furniture that you’ll always rely on—a table. But, there’s more to the humble table than meets the eye. Not only does it come in a whole range of functional styles (dining table, coffee table or side table, for instance) but your table can be a piece of art in its own right, and if you’re after truly iconic design you’ve come to the right place.

Classic styles with contemporary appeal

Here at Juno Interiors we stock tables of the highest quality, with all of them being based on some of the most iconic designs of the last century and beautifully reproduced to exacting standards. Our range of designer tables has been inspired by pieces that have stood the test of time for all the right reasons, being style statements as much as functional pieces of furniture, and any one of them deserves to take pride of place in your home—with minimalist yet bold styling they can be true focal points or can blend into the background, combining classic style with contemporary appeal for the best of both worlds.

Designer tables from Juno Interiors

Take a look around and you’re bound to recognise some of the styles on offer. We’re proud to showcase such iconic pieces, and because we hand-source only the highest quality tables from across the globe you can be sure that they’ll meet and exceed your expectations. You can have a piece of iconic furniture in your very own home for rooms that looks sleek, elegant and truly stylish, so make sure to see what you can uncover and you’ll soon have a table that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

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