Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin was a French designer who has only recently died.  He made some very particular designs, mainly in the types of materials he used in his seats.  All Paulin designer furniture is filled with a mousse and is dressed with an elastic fabric, known as jersey.  Paulin was able to combine minimalistic designs with funky colours, bringing it back into the 21st century.

The Ribbon Chair

Paulin made a huge range of designer furniture that were placed in very important locations.  For instance, he designed the interior of the artists’ hall in the Radio Museum.  In 1969, he won an award in Chicago for his Ribbon Chair.  This chair looks like a folded ribbon, with the back side of the chair being the fold of the ribbon.  There is much designer inspired furniture to be found based on this specific chair.

The Amphis Sofa

The Amphis sofa is a particularly interesting piece of designer furniture.  As many other minimalistic designers from that era, furniture had to be functional as well as comfortable.  The Amphis sofa achieves this by making it possible to unfold it into a bigger sofa, up to six metres in length.

Into the Modern World

By 1975, some of the world’s biggest names were starting to look into Paulin’s designs.  He created designs for Tefal and Calor, as well as the French TGV.  He has been recognized for his works with many awards and requests to decorate some very famous and important spaces, including the office of the then president Francois Mitterrand.


Habitat, a world famous furniture store, became interested in Paulin’s designer furniture.  They were particularly keen to add the Amphis and the Osaka to their collection.  Originally, they used the actual designs, but after consultations with the artists and with their customers, they moved on to designer inspired furniture instead.

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