Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Ludwig Mies van der Robe was a German architect who later moved to the United States.  Mies, his surname, is how he is best known.  He was at the forefront of modern architecture and there is a range of designer furniture available that has been inspired from his designs.

Mies’ Designs

Mies was a post-war designer, establishing himself after the First World War.  He wanted to create a style that was as widely respected as the previous Gothic and Classical styles.  His designer furniture is all based on simplicity and clarity, using mainly modern materials.  Any Mies designer inspired furniture will use such materials as plate glass and steel, as well as straight lines and white and black colours.  

Minimalistic Design

This type of designer furniture is in what is now known as minimalistic design.  This means that materials that are in essence cheap and easy to find are used in the designs themselves.  As a result, chairs and sofas are functional, comfortable and practical.  However, they don’t use bold designs, swirls or patterns, sticking instead to straight lines and uniform colours.  

Many people who want to create a fully minimalistic home don’t realise that they are being inspired by the great post-war designers, wrongfully presuming they are working with designs from Japan.  For a fully minimalistic space, it is about using as little furniture as possible.  What furniture does have to be used has to be straight and functional.  There are little to no curves and very little decorations and accessories.  In line with Mies’ ideas, it is all about understanding that space itself is a beautiful creation that has to be appreciated and loved.  However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be comfortable, with minimalistic designer inspired furniture being totally ergonomic, working on the shapes of the human body.

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