Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier – Charles Edouard Jeanneret – was a French urbanist, architect, writer and designers.  He was at the forefront of what we now know as modern architecture.  Originally born in Switzerland, he naturalised in France in 1930.  He was the leading architect in buildings across India, America and various European countries.  His focus was mainly on providing those who lived in crowded cities with better living conditions, mainly by changing modern high design.  Le Corbusier is also famous for his ranges of designer furniture.

From Buildings to Furniture

Le Corbusier once famously said that chairs are a piece of architecture, but sofas are just bourgeois.  As an architect, he was also heavily involved in furnishing the spaces he created.  However, he always used ready-made furniture, with which he was in essence unhappy.  In conjunction with architect Charlotte Perriand and Le Corbusier’s cousin Pierre Jeanneret, he started to make his own designer furniture.

L’Art Decoratif d’Aujourd’hui

In 1925, Le Corbusier brought out a book on today’s decorative art.  In this, he explained that there were only three types of furniture.  The first are type needs, then type furniture and lastly human limb objects.  This theory is still used in designer inspired furniture today.  Basically, a number of objects are needed by us as humans, and most of these are also functional.  All other furniture – the human limbs – is there to serve us as humans.  Just as you would expect from an employed servant, they have to be discreet and as minimally visible as possible.

Designer Inspired Furniture

From the ideas of Le Corbusier, many came up with their own ranges of designer furniture.  There is also much Le Corbusier designer inspired furniture available on the market.  One of his most famous design is the tubular steel chair.  Le Corbusier focused mainly on chairs and sofas, making various models based essentially on comfort.  At present, the only designer who can sell real Le Corbusier designer chairs is Cassina, who purchase the exclusive rights to the designs in 1964.  However, there are many chairs and sofas that have been inspired by these designs.

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