Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray

Kathleen Eileen Moray was born in Ireland, but spent most of her working life in France.  She was a furniture designer who suffered from Laquer Disease in her hands, but continued to work on her innovative designers.  Besides making designer furniture, she was involved in architecture and she is one of the strongest influences in the Modern Movement of architecture.

The Bibendum Chair

The Bibendum Chair is Moray’s most famous piece of designer furniture.  It is a lounging chair, designed for social occasions.  It is the subject of much designer inspired furniture as well.  As a chair, it is formed with two semi-circular tubes forming the back and the arm rest.  These tubes are padded in soft leather.  Bibendum is the character that is used by Michelin in what we now know as the Michelin Man, and the chair does somehow resemble this character.  The chair is large compared to other single seats, which is something that is seen back in Moray designer inspired furniture.

The legs of the chair are made of a stainless steel tube, with a beech wood frame.  One the base, rubber webbing is inter-woven, which gives it the particular comfort that this designer furniture is now so famous for.  

Other Famous Pieces

Another famous piece of designer furniture by Moray is the Pirogue Boat Bed.  A pirogue is an African boat made from a hollow tree stem.  This particular bed was very plain, fitting in with the minimalistic style.

She also designed the Serpent Chair, a simple, plain and red chair.  Again, this piece is part of the modern movement that was so popular in Moray’s days.  This movement has seen a huge revival in recent years.  The furniture of this style is designed to be incredibly comfortable, but should not stand out, drawing attention away from decorative items.

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