Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen was the son famous Finnish American architect Eliel Saarinen, who was a mentor and contemporary of Charles Eames and is thought of as being a bit of a chameleon in architectural and furniture design.

This often worked against him, and he was often criticised for having no identifiable style. His defence was that he tailored his style to each individual client and project, however his hallmarks remain consistent from all his work; bold, sweeping shapes and curves with little ornate detail.

The Saarinen family had most of its designs produced by the Knoll company, founded by the husband of Florence Knoll, Hans Knoll, sealing the design dynasty between the two families and producing some of the most famous contemporary designs such as 'Tulip' chair (1955) popularised by Star Trek in the 1960's.

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