Office Chairs

An office should be a place of professionalism, class and a strong work ethic, and any furniture you choose needs to reflect those core values. You need a space that’s comfortable yet functional, with a clear purpose as well as a distinct sense of style, and the right kind of office chairs can make all the difference.

Show you mean business with designer office chairs

Image is everything in a business environment, and that means you need to choose your office chairs wisely. Not only do they need to be comfortable but they need to reflect your executive status too, bringing a touch of luxury into the room to show what you’re all about. Sleek lines and high-end styling will be the order of the day, with chairs that are as much style statements as they are functional pieces of furniture, and if you really want to hit the right notes you can’t go wrong with classic designs.

There are some pieces that will stand the test of time, with Mies van der Rohe and Charles Eames being just two retro designers whose creations are as popular today as they ever have been. The combination of functionality and minimalist appeal combines to offer the ideal solution for office environments of all kinds, and many of their iconic designs are reproduced in stunning detail to this very day. So why not incorporate them into your office?

Classic office chairs from Juno Interiors

We know that there’s nothing quite like having a classic piece of furniture to really make a statement, with even the most seemingly understated of designs having an appeal that’s hard to match. That’s why we stock a fantastic range of classic styles to ensure you can furnish your office to perfection, and because we source only the finest office chairs around you can be confident in having pieces that will perfectly suit your executive requirements.

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